Let's Buy Delphi !!!

Would you not be interested to own your favorite development tool and empower developers autonomy?

To the current devteam ... no punt intended ... we love your developments, respect your work and most of us would like to see you further developing Delphi after we bought it. Why would we otherwise want to buy it? It might just be economicaly feasible for us to Buy Delphi ... Well is it for sale anyhow?
Please fill out the short survey below, if you are willing to jointly finance a Delphi Developer Buyout
. Wou will receive quarterly mails containing the information how much we could raise so far.

I am interested in ...
Using Delphi/C++
Developing Delphi/C++ (also components)
Consulting around Delphi/C++ (also components)
I would like to ...
Opensource Delphi/Rad Studio once we bought it.
Have Delphi/Rad Studio developed within a consortia of the entities that bought it
For being able to use a Delphi/RAD Studio version owned by us I would be willing to pay ... (this is in no way an obligation at the moment - just to see how much we could raise)
You may ...
store this information and contact me in the future on this endeavor to inform me or ask more detailed questions that could help the Delphi developer community to buy Delphi.
The only reason for storing your data is to figure an ability to eventually buy Delphi assets from the owner and maybe to communicate on this topic with you.
There will be no further use of your data for any reasons. There will be no passing of your data to any third part.
The data resides in a database and is programmatically processed only for statistics. To see how much money could maybe be raised.
Please also check the privacy statement to be fully aware of all of your rights - Privacy Statement.

Who am I?

My name is Roland Kossow - I am working since about 20 years in IT and am almost as long part of the Delphi Community.
I have seen Delphi being sold from Borland to embarcadero and am now seeing it being sold with embarcadero to Idera.
My development company CyberTribe is betting on Delphi and its component ecosystem as strategic toolset. So it is important that Delphi stays plattformindependent and its current owner remains as focused as embarcadero on its improvement.

The best idea to insure that might be that the community is taking over itself.
Knowing that it is a community of individuals and companies with partly pretty much financial power, it might even be possible to establish a development and maintenance organisation.
This site tries to find out, if the budget would fit. What do you think?