FMX Toast Component

This component mimics the functionality of java.lang.Object android.widget.Toast for the current and future plattforms firemonkey supports. The appearance of the toastbox is customizable. Customizablity can be extended with all possibilities Firemonkey provides.

It is also a unit included that Brian Long provided that shows how to import the Java class via JNI into Delphi.

How to use

Customize the component at design- or runtime and call ...

NameOfToastcomponent.Now('Text to toast');

Also have a look at the installation and how to use screencast at Youtube


You can download the components zip-file including sources here


Go to Brian Long for provision of a unit that shows how to import the Java toast class via JNI into Delphi and Roland Kossow for a first draft on how a FMX form specifc toast component could be developed for crossplattform use.